At Tofu Village Korean BBQ, one can experience authentic and delicious foods of Korea.

Korean Cuisine consists of variety of food.

Starting from Korean BBQ, this method of cooking kalbi (marinated short ribs), bulgogi (marinated beef), jaeyook (spicy pork), prime rib eye, spicy squid, shrimp, and chicken among the favorite entrees cook to refection on a charcoal broiled table in front of you.

Many other options such as handmade tofu, soft tofu stew, homemade fried dumplings, goat meat stew, and seafood of kimchi pan cake are available. 

In addition, Korean cuisine consists of many foods satisfying a vegetarian diet, such as bibimbob (variety of vegetable mix with rice) with tofu, beef, pork, cheese, or sprout serve in cold or hot pot. 

Main focus of our restaurant motto is to show or present to our customers the uniqueness and the beauty of the fine flavor of the Korean cuisine. Come and experience a taste of Korea yourself.



Thank You / Gam-sah-haum-nee-dah (감사합니다)

Culinary Delights

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